Conversationing - Lovely Story about People (Directed by Nick Calori)

2010 / 07 / 14

Titas scored music for a short film Conversationing (directed by Nick Calori, produced by Aaron Lee-Singer). It is a romantic story about two young people, Jack and Jill, who are strangers, but want to break ice and start a simple conversation.

Jack is sitting on a bench, when Jill comes and sits beside him. She want to try something: she wants to have a conversation. There must be something they can have a good conversation about.

Eventually Jack agree to give it a go but they can't find something to connect on. But it doesn't matter. Jack is inspired and he's going to try and start a conversation with others.

It doesn't go well. He tries a man on a bench but no. He tries a girl at a tube station but definitely no. He tries a woman on a bus, but she doesn't even reply.

Then, at his lowest ebb, another guy on the bus reciprocates. He's interested and now determined to do the same. And so he talks to the man at the bus stop; who talks to a family on the street; suddenly it catches and all over London people are starting to have conversations.

All that's needed now is for the conversation to get back to Jill.

The short film will be screened in festivals. There will be more information about where it can be seen at shortly.
Titas would like to thank Tadas Šileika who helped tremendously to make the recordings of the music happen. The project had rigid deadlines and the music had to be recorded during a weekend in May. Thanks to Tadas the following musicians can be heard in the film:

Edvardas Jurgaitis (Double Bass)
Tomas Šilinskas (Trumpet)
Liudas Mockūnas (Baritone Sax, Clarinet)


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