The Etruscans


1. The Cere – The Midday (The Temple Of Gods)
2. In The Alps – The Birds Like Children
3. Apolon From Veii – The Festivity Of The Sun Return
4. The Disturbance From The North - Prepare For The War?
5. The Monks In Etruria – XII Centuries Later
6. The Anxious Wizards– The Gods Are Angry
7. The Shephard's Day – Thier Concerns
8. Wedding– The Life Together
9. Tarkvini In The Midday– The News Of The Day
10. Our Sunset – But We Will Be Back Tomorrow


The Etruscans were an enigmatic race that populated much of Italy between the rivers Po and Tiber.  Their first appearance in Italy remains a mystery, as does their origin.  It is generally believed that they came from  Lydia  a region south of Troy  in Asia Minor.  Through their art and written language, and religion, ties with the ancient Phoenicians may also be suggested.  Their written alphabet, like Greek, is derived from the Phoenician. A further suggestion is their political closeness to the Carthaginians, who also owed their lineage to the Phoenicians. An interesting similarity shared with the Carthaginians (and not with the Greeks) is in the way their coins and medallions are struck.  Whereas the obverse of Greek coins, appear right side up only if flipped over their head, the obverse of Etruscan and Carthaginian coins appear right side up only if turned over its side.  Etruscan dominance in Italy lasted barely 300 years. Yet they could pride themselves for having helped lay the foundation for the Roman Empire, which lasted from the defeat of Carthage till the last days of the Caesar in the third century.