Composer Titas Petrikis

Composer Dr. Titas Petrikis

Dr. Titas Petrikis is a Lithuanian composer, who mainly writes music for film, theatre and other media. His style covers traditional orchestration and blending electronic music elements. Titas has released albums since 1997, and has created music for over 30 films. Some of them have been awarded with international recognition and prizes.

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We have worked with Titas on several films together, and I enjoyed his creativity, committment, and ability to achieve cohesion between music and visuals. The music by Titas enhance the film and find the right dramatic moments in the plot, therefore it is my pleasure to promote this composer for various type media projects.

Film Director Nick Calori (London)

The music is an organical part of this excellently done short film. Patrikis masters the connection between picture and sound in a highly sensitive way. The orchestral score produces a strong atmosphere and draws the audience into the film, being an essential part of the narrative. We'd love to hear this composer's music performed by a real orchestra.

Jury's statement (Peer Raben Award, 2009)

Titas is an imaginative and skilled composer who possesses a wide range of musical styles combined with a real understanding of how music and images come together.  His energy and talent are put to good use in any project her undertakes.

Prof. Stephen Deutsch


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