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OST - Historical Documentary "Yesterday" (2023)

This example includes a scene from the documentary film. Audrius Juzėnas, the director of The Excursionist, Vilnius Ghetto, and Owl Mountain presents the new dcoumentary film Yesterday, about the pioneers of rock music in the 6th and 7th decades and legendary rock groups in Lithuania, the era of beat music and Beatlemania, which carried an extraordinary youthful energy, a hunger for new ideas, an endless thirst for freedom, and a special love for music. "While filming, we met with almost fifty musicians of that time or cultural giants who stood at the roots of rock. Sometimes I couldn't believe how creative and brave those eternally young people were. Taking Western weapons into their own hands - guitars, drums, electric organs, they played a special role in our liberation from the clutches of the Soviet empire," says director A. Juzėnas.

OST - Sport Documentary "Life in 24 Hourse" (2023)

Dive into the heart of endurance, perseverance, and the human spirit with this captivating scene from "Life in 24 Hours," directed by M. Antanaitis. This documentary offers an intimate look at one of Lithuania's most celebrated long-distance runners, Aleksander Sorokinas, as he shares his journey towards achieving a world record at the World 24 Hour Championship in Verona, Italy. In this scene, experience the raw emotions, intense challenges, and reflective thoughts that Sorokinas encounters on his path to greatness. From the physical toll of the race to the mental fortitude required to push beyond human limits, witness what it takes to be a champion in one of the most demanding sports. "Life in 24 Hours" not only showcases the triumphs and trials of an elite athlete but also explores the deeper connection between a person's willpower and their ultimate achievements. Join us in celebrating the extraordinary story of Aleksander Sorokinas, a testament to the power of determination and the enduring spirit of an athlete who dared to dream big.

OST from Romantic Drama "I Want To Live" (2018)

Dive into the emotional landscape of "I Want To Live" (Original Lithuanian title: Širdys), a poignant romantic drama set against the backdrop of the 1990s - an era untouched by the digital revolution that defines our current world. Directed by Justinas Krisiūnas, this film navigates the tender yet tumultuous journey of young love amidst the challenges of a post-Soviet recovery sanatorium. In this showreel segment, I have the privilege of sharing my work on the film's score, where music becomes a voice for the unspoken, a melody for the heartbeats of those caught between life and the will to truly live. The film tells the story of Saulius (Motiejus Ivanauskas) and Milda (Roberta Sirgedaitė), two young souls whose paths cross in the least likely of places - a sanatorium for heart issues. From their initial clashes to the blossoming of a fragile love, their journey is a testament to the human spirit's resilience. Milda's poignant realization that she doesn't just want to stay alive, but to live, encapsulates the essence of their story.

OST from Christmas Comedy "The Liars" (2018)

Dive into the heart of Lithuanian cinema with selected scenes from "The Liars," a captivating comedy directed by Marius Kunigėnas. This showreel showcases moments from a film that humorously and poignantly explores the complexities of family dynamics, especially highlighted during the festive season of Christmas. "The Liars" tells the story of a typical Lithuanian family, embroiled in the usual loves and hates that intensify during their Christmas Eve gathering. What appears to be a joyful family reunion on the surface, complete with Romantic French-style music, unravels into a complex puzzle of relationships for the main character, Marius. He finds himself in a delicate situation, harboring feelings for his brother's wife. Yes, you read that right – it's as complicated as it sounds, but it's also a heartwarming tale of courage and the lengths one will go to for love.

OST from War Drama Owl Mountain (2018)

This example includes segments from 3 scenes of the film. Owl Mountain (dir. Audrius Juzėnas) is a historical drama about the challenges of young generation in post-war Lithuania. The soundtrack features both epic gestures and intimate moments, and the music supports the film's dramatic and emotional structure. Global Music Awards recognized dr. Titas Petrikis with Silver Medal for the original soundtrack of the film.

OST - Christmas Family TV Film "Little Big Miracle" (2021)

Dive into the heartwarming melodies of the "Little Big Miracle" soundtrack, a Christmas family TV film that captures the essence of the holiday spirit through its enchanting music. This 2021 film centers around Gediminas, a talented set designer who faces the bleak prospect of an unhappy Christmas after losing his job right before the holidays. With the festive season looming, Gediminas's concerns stretch beyond the absence of the twelve traditional dishes; he fears he might not have anything to put on the festive table at all. In a bid to ensure he has food for Christmas, Gediminas makes a Santa Claus costume and takes to the streets, hoping for a miracle.

OST from the Family Film "Unknown Treasures" (2022)

When Austeja's parents seize a job opportunity they can't refuse, they send her and another child, Martynas, to the countryside with their grandparents. What starts as a seemingly dull stay quickly turns into an unforgettable adventure. The film, based on the script by renowned writer Renata Šerelytė and directed by the talented Agnė Marcinkevičiūtė, features a blend of well-known film and theater actors such as Vladas Bagdonas and Janina Matekonytė, alongside young debutants Patricia Volkova, Jonas Šumskas, Ainis Radkevičius, and Bernadeta Mikutaitė. "Unknown Treasure" is not just a story about a quest for hidden riches; it's a journey into the heart of what makes us truly rich - the bonds we form and the memories we create. From the whimsical "Kingdom of Frogs" to the mysterious treasure map leading to unforeseen adventures, this film is a testament to the imagination and resilience of youth.

OST from TV Crime Mini Series "Crime Solving For Beginners" (2022)

"Crime Solving For Beginners" - Unveiling the Soundtrack of Shadows and Secrets. Immerse yourself in the hauntingly beautiful world of "Crime Solving For Beginners," where music narrates tales of intrigue, sacrifice, and the relentless pursuit of freedom. Released on March 9th, 2023, this groundbreaking album serves as the auditory companion to the gripping TV series directed by Armands Zvirbulis, inspired by the novel “Don’t Call Me, Don’t Look for Me! Life of Soviet Secret Agent” by Andris Kolbergs. Set against the backdrop of post-Soviet Latvia, the series follows rookie police investigator Aldis Karklins as he delves into the murder of Natalia Nolle, a figure entangled in the remnants of KGB conspiracies and the dark underbelly of organized crime. This miniseries in seven episodes paints a vivid picture of a nation grappling with its newfound independence and the shadows of its past.

OST from the Romantic Comedy "Friends' Bet" (2024)

"Friends' Bet" is more than just a film; it's an invitation to immerse yourself in a world of deep emotions, challenges, and the beauty of friendship. What it takes to challenge your comfort life? It's an opportunity to escape the ordinary and draw on the powerful, good emotions that cinema can evoke. At the heart of this cinematic experience is my original music, crafted with the hope of touching each viewer's heart and enhancing the emotional depth of the film's narrative.

Concert music

Legend about Dracula

At the end of 19th century London is terrified by mysterious and unexplainable deaths. Dutch professor Van Helsing is convinced this disaster is caused by a vampire -- an undead creature which prolongs its existence by feeding on the blood of the living. The professor reveals who is the vampire, when he meets count Dracula. As Dracula cannot overcome Van Helsing, he flees away and hides from the professor. Unfortunately, the evil count infects young lady Mina, fiancee of the professor's friend. She follows Dracula to his ruined abbey. The only chance for professor Van Helsing to save Mina is to kill count Dracula in his coffin before the sun set.