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Transatlantyk film music competition entry

Entry composition for the animation at Transatlantyk film music competition in 2011.

Noirville (directed by Andy Marsh)

Lucy, Noirville's only inhabitant, takes a mysterious journey through the night in a hope to cure her loneliness in this darkly surreal tale. This cinematic treat is a strange concoction of H.P Lovecraft, David Lynch and Ed Wood all rolled into one and is inspired by the b-movies of the 50's and 60's. This short film was made independently on a low-budget with a true passion and love for the weird and otherworldly. The film went on to win A special recognition award at the British Independent Film Festival 2012, Audience award at the Purbeck film festival and the Peer Raben Award at Soundtrack Cologne for the score by Titas Petrikis.

The Collectress (directed by Kristina Buožytė)

After unfortunate accident young woman Gailė notices that she’s unable to feel any of human emotions. One day preparing a video material for her job as child doctor she accidentally understands that at the small period of time when she’s watching herself on video monitor she can get her emotions back. All she needs is to put on video simulated situation designed for desirable emotional state (laugh, cry, anger and etc.). Attractive experiment with unattractive consequences begins…

The Name in the Dark (directed by Agnė Marcinkevičiūtė)

A small town investigator's memories about a tragic love for her music teacher always come back. After the town is shaken by a teenage girl murder, where the main suspect is her ex-lover, investigator is taking the case.

Concert music

The Legend About Dracula

At the end of 19th century London is terrified by mysterious and unexplainable deaths. Dutch professor Van Helsing is convinced this disaster is caused by a vampire -- an undead creature which prolongs its existence by feeding on the blood of the living. The professor reveals who is the vampire, when he meets count Dracula. As Dracula cannot overcome Van Helsing, he flees away and hides from the professor. Unfortunately, the evil count infects young lady Mina, fiancee of the professor's friend. She follows Dracula to his ruined abbey. The only chance for professor Van Helsing to save Mina is to kill count Dracula in his coffin before the sun set.