The Hunt


1. Pasirengimas
2. Žvėries belaukiant
3. Pasitarimas
4. Auka
5. Varovai
6. Additio
7. Įspūdžiai
8. Stovykla
9. Ritualas
10. Medžiotojas


The hunt attempts to penetrate to the nature and essence of the human being. The man is involved in continues struggle for his survival in this world. Our struggle in the civilized world is hidden and extremely subtle. We can easier notice the real fight for the survival in the nature. This is the natural struggle for human beings, where no one is right or wrong. There is only survival or elimination. Therefore no human or animal is good or bad, because every one belongs to the nature with its cycles of life. The author composed both music and video. Authentic scenes from the hunt in the Green woods of Lithuania were used in the project.

The Press Release from the interview taken by Audronė Baltkojytė, “Kauno Diena” Correspondent. Translation by Audronė Baltkojytė.

The Hunt took place at University on Friday Night 

The premiere of this audiovisual project first time took place in Kaunas Technology University with the aim to reveal the nature of the human and the essence of the life.

“Great project. When I was coming here, I did not know what to expect. It is completely new for me. When I saw the killed hind, I thought that I would not eat meat anymore. The Project is related with the protection of the nature nowadays. In the old times, people had to hunt if they wanted to survive. Today hunting is not necessary. Men have instinct to hunt, but now it is irrelevant” – comments Jolanta Mockaitiene from Junior Chamber International. Stuffed with people concert hall at Kaunas Technology University barely could welcome everyone who wanted to see the performance of the project.

No rules in the natural fight 

“The Hunt attempts to take a look at the human's nature and essence of the life. The man is in the continuous fight for his survival in this world. Our fight in the civilized world is more subtle and hidden” in such a way the Titas Petrikis (who besides is a politician, business man, and composer) presented one of his largest works. “When we take a look to the nature, we see the natural reflection of our own fight in the life. This is the natural human's struggle, where no one is right or wrong. There is only survival or extinction. In the Hunt the hunters or animals are not good or bad, because they all belong to the cycle of the nature. Human as well as animals transfer this fight for continued existence to their children. There are no losers or winners in this fight” T. Petrikis was explaining to the well abundant audience.

The concert consisted of ten related compositions (Preparations, Ambush, Counsel, Additio, Experiences, Ritual, Hunter and etc.) made a great impression to the founder and current Head of the Computer Music Club at Kaunas Technology University, Giedrius Kuprevicius: “I think, it is a very successful project. We have to try to safe the nature, but on the other hand, the hunt is a ritual, a very old tradition. We are witnesses of what Titas have accomplished to show us – both sides of the issue.

“Originality and simplicity. It is very well shown, how everything happens in the real life. When I was coming here, I thought that there will be kind of distorted reality, but everything was very well balanced – for those who want to survive and for those whom the hunt is the ritual. It is sad, that children draw pictures of hunted animals. On the other hand, I understand, this is the type of life we live” – Andrius, a student from Kaunas Technology University expressed his opinion. “I was charmed by author's desire and ability to present the idea. The last piece with a painting child and transforming illusion to reality was the most beautiful for me. The most memorable moment is innocent child picture's transformation to the hunters who carry killed hind. I liked how all the pieces were presented together. I believe that they represent a good story telling, oriented to ideas” - Tomas agreed with Andrius, who studies philosophy at Vytautas Magnus University .

Authentic video in the project 

The project, which took five months to create, arose a lot of ideas and thoughts, new questions to be answered. “The Hunt is expressed from the painting child's point of view. We do not know if this hunt was real or just child's fantasy” shared her impressions one of the listeners just after the concert. “It is interesting, what the author was thinking, when he created this project – is he against or in favor of the hunt?”.

“My goal was to take a look at the man's and natures relationship in the contemporary way. I wanted to especially put emphasis to the relationship between the man and forest. The latter plays especially important and honored role in the Lithuanian folk culture.” Titas was telling in his interview to “Kauno Diena”. He also blurt out, that once the hunters invited him to a hunt to film their event. It had to be an ordinary event-filming without any particular idea. However he decided to take advantage of that and make an audiovisual project. “I thought that I want to express not only the relationship between the human and hunter, but also reveal the natural struggle for survival” explained the author.

Struggle in the civilized world is hidden 

According to the young creator, the victim and hunter are not good or evil. They belong to the rules of life and nature. The fight between the weaker and stronger is particularly clear in the hunt, because in the civilized world this fight is not that much apparent.

“I was seeking to make the most essential emphasis in this project: Firstly, the natural fight in our lives comes from the very old days. Secondly, we inherit this fight from our ancestors and transfer it to our children. This is how the drawing child appears in the project, who is not directly connected to the hunt, but imagines the process extremely well. The child's imagination becomes real and therefore in the final scene a question appears, if the hunt was a real one or just a fantasy, because in the child's fantasy the hunter fires the gun, but in the final scene, when reality comes back, the hunter actually does not shoots…” young composer was telling the story in the details. – This shows that man's nature has contradictions and it is difficult to judge where the evil starts and goodness ends. We are a part of the nature, involved in its rules of life”.

“Myself… Indeed, I recognize, that human's nature is very complicated and my position is not to judge or condemn anything. I think, that God's blessing is to take a look at this side of the life and understand at least little bit of it” – said T.Petrikis, student of the Political Science and Diplomacy.

Twenty-three year old student, a member of Junior Chamber International and the Manager of Strategic Staffing Solutions Branch in Lithuania admitted, that he has never hunted himself before. “In childhood I used to see hunters and wild animals in the forest, maybe this is why I started to admire the relationship between the man and forest. I wanted to share with others the love to the nature in this project”. Author, who composed music and video for the project hopes that audience will share similar emotions together with him. According to T.Petrikis, the best reward of the five-month work was full of audience concert hall: “The presence of the abundant audience today is the best result could be achieved after five-month work”.