Identity is the newest Titas Petrikis album. Published at Start Group studio in Rome, this album has received numerous warm remarks and excellent feedback from the audience.

It was in November of 2004, when Titas and Jonas Kimo Arbas met in Kaunas. Kimo is a professional singer from the United States. Being an American-Lithuanian, Kimo has international cultural background.

This album has been finished in February, 2005. It was about to be published, but after the meeting with an Italian record label Start Group, it was decided to mix and master this album in Rome.

Identity is very rich in sound. As Massimo Ionta, the Manager of Start Group music, says that the album has several layers. Particular songs consists of several sound spaces. This makes this album unique. On the other hand, Eugenio Vatta, the main sound engineer had a lot of work with some of the songs, especially "Tech" and "Process control". For example, "Tech" has two different sound scapes, which have to be united into one.

Massimo believes that Eugenio did a great job with Identity, making it sound in the way as author wished and the same time appropriate for the commercial distribution.

Initially "Identity" came as full-size album with more than 50 minutes of records. However it was decided to change it for cohesion purposes. After the discussions with Start Group, two new songs were added and the album was cut to 27 minutes.

"Identity" was officially presented in Kaunas, Lithuania on 18th of May, 2005.