The Letters to the Future


1. Warm Mark 2:52
2. No name 1:41
3. Bitter 3:58
4. Exploded deeply 1:34
5. Empty Page 2:46
6. Thank you 2:37
7. Isn't it better? 2:53


The Letters to the Future – comes from 1997 and 1999. This is Titas’ joint project together with Raimondas Lekavicius (Raimis). 

It was a difficult social and economic situation in Lithuania at the time. Poverty, social inequality, drastic change in society is also reflected in Raimis’ poetry. He well illustrates the challenge to become a self-respected person who values humanity. Constant seek to become a part of free society and disappointment to accomplish this quickly is seen in the mood of Raimis’ words.

Today Raimis is a successful businessman in Lithuania, working for an international company, has created a beautiful family.

The Letters to the Future has been “received” in 2005 (as originally planned by the authors). This is also the year when this album sees the daylight.
Titas composed sounds and music, you can hear Raimis voice in the recording.