10th International Congress on Musical Signification about Film Music

2008 / 10 / 27

Lithuania hosted 10th International Congress on Musical Signification (ICMS 10) October 21-25, 2008. A four-day event focused on various aspects of musicology, including film music. The Congress is organized since 1986 and has venues every two or three years. The scholars and speakers from Europe and the United States come to share the newest developments of musicology as well as discuss the new trends in music. The organizers of Vilnius Congress decided to invite the scholars to discuss the matters under the main theme of Before and After Music. It is also new for this event to expand the session on film music. One of the organizers of ICMS 10, Darius Kucinskas (PhD), invited Titas Petrikis to make a report on contemporary changes in treating film sound and music. The report covered how film sound technologies from historical perspective allowed filmmakers to improve their capabilities in dealing with film sound and music. New digital technologies allow filmmakers to have precise sound and music manipulation tools. The report discussed how this technological advancement may improve film soundtrack.