2012 Summer Media Studio dedicated to Film Sound and Music

2012 / 07 / 01

International film workshop ”Summer MEDIA Studio” (SMS) aims to train students from the countries of Europe. Intensive training during the two-week workshop includes lectures taught by internationally renowned professionals, team consultations and practical filming in international crews. The topic of 2012 SMS is Music and Sound in Film . The participants will analyse a range of film scores exploring the ways in which music has been used, created and conceived, exploring atmosphere and mood, and depict setting, character and action.
Participants will study in-depth the aesthetics and functions of music composed to image, exploring the relationship(s) between composer and producers, directors, and music editors. They will also study and practice the use of main themes, underscoring and the harmonic languages of soundtracks, both in big- and small-screen contexts.

With the assistance of professional trainers-lecturers, 10 international shooting crews will create 10 short fiction movies. Professional trainers-lecturers will lead working groups through all stages of filmmaking stages: scriptwriting and development, shooting and editing, and presenting the films created during the SMS.

Titas Petrikis has been selected as a tutors of the 2012 workshop.


Summer Media Studio