4 Short Films with Titas' music at Vilnius International Film Festival "Kino pavasaris"

2011 / 03 / 21

Traditionally Vilnius International Film Festival (Cinema Spring) comes in March. This year the festival celebrates its 16th birthday that offers a rich program to the Lithuanian audience. Among dozens of premieres, four films with Titas‘ music will be presented in the the section of the Lithuanian films.

2H (directed by Ramune Cekuolyte) is a complicated love story about a Georgian and Lithuanian who meet in Moscow for two hours in order to break up. Hotel room is not a perfect place for ending the relationship, besides love sounds can be heard on the other side of the wall. As  the main character Agnia says, “Our smell… It is as temporary as our feelings”.​The film explores the e motional line of the main character and reveals Agnia in the moment of a difficult choice. The director of  the film Ramune Cekuolyte is a lecturer of scriptwriting and directing at the Lithuanian Academy of Music  and Theatre. She has been collaborating with advertisement production houses and film studios as an Art director since 1998. Ramune has finished Higher Courses of Scriptwriters and Film Directors in Moscow in  2007-2008. She studied scriptwriting at the Russian Federation State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) in 2003-2008. Ramune has directed more than ten short films in her career and is inspired in exploring difficult relations. 

Grandpa is young director’s Andrius Paskevicius’ latest work. It is a story about 23-year old student who comes from the city to visit his old grandpa’s house. While doing the rooms, strange things start to happen. The student finds oranges everywhere in the place. Apparently it is a part of the riddle from his  childhood. The film explores the relationship when someone feels guilt for the sins done in the past.  Skillfully shot, the films reveals beautiful Lithuanian countryside. The director of the film has graduated his  BA of audiovisual arts in TV directing at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. Andrius has worked as an editor in TV studio and advertisement companies ever since.

On Wednesdays is a super-short film about an elderly lady, who comes into the grocery store. She is doing her shopping as everyone else. This film was directed by Ieva Javaityte, who started her film making  career in 2002 when she worked as an assistant to Christine Lathi in a film Out of the Ashes. During her  BA studies of cultural history and anthropology, Ieva was working in a few cultural project productions with  the most memorable project Lithaunia.24 hours. She got scholarship to study at the Copenhagen  Uinversity in 2004 where she has made her first short films. Ieva has studied film directing at FAMU (Prague) in 2009.

Knygnešys (in eng. Book Smuggler) takes the audience to 19th century. The film is an adventurous story about two men who use smuggling for different purposes. One of them sacrifices his life to save the Lithuanian culture, while the other is a simple scapegrace. The director of the film Jonas Trukanas studies Film production at the University for Creative Arts in UK. His documentary Arrows in the dark is included into international film program for 2012 London Olympics. The director’s biggest dream is to make films in his home, Lithuania.


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