Art + Art to Communicate. The Sound

2008 / 10 / 05

The Picture Gallery of M.K.Ciurlionis Museum opens its door to the fifth annual show "Art + Art to Communicate". This year the organizers put emphasis on the implementation of the sound in arts. The usage of the sonic elements in modern art installations is recent. The artists often employ sound to create unusual art environments or form a particular emotion of their installations.

Titas was invited to compose sound for two installations. Egle Bernatonyte's umbrellas under the roof required the sound of storm and rain. Monika Stasiulionyte was aiming to scare small children while they are searching for a yellow ball hidden under the dozen of small toy-buckets.

The organizer of the show Violeta Jaseviciute hopes, that everyone attending these installations will find something inspiring, no matter how old, which gender they are, or what taste for arts they may have.