The Collectress Travels Arround the World

2009 / 04 / 22

Just in one year The Collectress(directed by Kristina Buozyte) visited Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic), Kinoshock (Russia), Arsenals (Latvia), Cinesfest Miskolc (Hungary), Pusan IFF (Korea), San Paulo IFF (Brazil), Valencia IFF (Spain), Lubeck, Mannheim-Heidelberg, Cottbus (Germany), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Cairo IFF, (Egypt).

The film returns back to Europe. This time it comes to the DAYS OF EUROPEAN FILM, Czech Republic. What makes it unique about the film is that it raises a fundamental issue for nowadays society. In the abundance of media, people can not escape virtual reality, which bombards them with fake emotions on screen. We generate cyber relationships, and they sometimes become more important than our family members and friends living close to us.

Read more about The Collectress return to the Czech cinemas in Megan Stewart's article at The Prague Daily Monitor.


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