First Music Album in Dolby Atmos

2023 / 03 / 09


Crime Solving for Beginners - New Album Release in the most online platforms and Dolby Atmos.

Crime Solving For Beginners - music album based on the original soundtrack for TV series of the same name (directed by Armands Zvirbulis). The story takes to the Cold War times when the Soviet regime brutally recruits a young student whose life is changed forever. Being a KGB agent against her will, beautiful and attractive Nata makes many compromises in her life. After disobeying the system and refusing to abort her baby, her career in the agency is compromised. However, the shadow of KGB never leaves her even after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and she has to pay the price in blood for her dark past.
This electro-acoustic album features wonderful soloists and musicians from Lithuania and Latvia: Rugilė Railaitė, Adas Gecevičius, Simonas Šipavičius, Dalia Tamošiūnienė, Paulius Biveinis, Rugilė Stunžėnė, Mintautas Kriščiūnas, Ramunė Miknienė, Domas Jakštas, Roma Jaraminaitė, Aušvydas Kriščiūnas, and amazing Latvian Radio Choir that sings in the end title (in Latvian):

I saw the sun
It was bright but cold
rising from the East,
turning the shapes in red
only the blood has kept me warm
but I lost my soul.

In Memorium to all who sacrificed but died free.

The original soundtrack for the film blends electronic and orchestral sounds and subtext the controversial lines of this detective story characters. The music has been recorded by the Lithuanian soloists and performers, and the Latvian Radio Choir (director Sigvards Klava). This subtle line between the sound and music elements have been achieved in the modern approach to the sound mix. Despite it is TV series (the first two episodes screened in cinemas), the production team takes the sound mix of the film to Dolby Atmos format (the first such one in the Baltic States for the date of the film production). After the premiere of the film the decision was made to prepare the soundtrack for the album release. After some music calibration (to make it more consistent musically), this album is going to feature the best score elements from the series. The music is released in all available online platforms and also Dolby Atmos (Apple Music and Tidal). 

Here is a moment from the last mixing session of the album with Karlis Zvejnieks (left), Titas (center) and Janis Eglitis (right). 

"These gentlemen rock - it was inspiring to hear all the music details in Atmos, and they really know how to do it"  - says Titas.