Glass of Milk, Please - new film project by Audrius Juzėnas

2019 / 02 / 08

About things that can be sold, exchanged, swapped, given away, or simply, binned... One would think, things are born in mind? Unfortunately this about people, who turned into a commodity nowadays... Dorote has never dreamed of the great adventure. She lives in the countryside of Lithuania, her dreams are simple and earthy. She dreams not of prince on horseback but of Nikolai, the baker's son. She dreams of a little less poverty in her life, and she longs for a dad who' would be alive. Therefore she can hardly believe herself when she accepts the offer to go to Stockholm and work as a waitress. She can hardly believe that it is really her that sits in the back seat of the big jeep driving through Lithuania. An Audi with windows that cannot be opened. A heart breaking story about hopelessness, dreams and survival. Based on Herbjorg Wassmo's well-known Norwegian writer’s novel.

Glass of Milk Please - A new film by Audrius Juzenas