2010 / 08 / 26

About the Band

Since childhood people seek for excitement outside their small world, because everything what can makes them tremble is elsewhere, or is seen from an unusual angle. With age, childishness turns to seriousness which makes one a true earnest person, who leaves „that nonsense about exploration“ and starts to focus on the carreer, family matters or TV set… Such people give up searching for something really special in their life.

However this does not happen to everyone: lots of people continue to be curiuos, their childish games evolve to mastery of a beloved craft or branch of science, and their dreams are moving the entire progress of mankind. All this wonderful creativity shares the same exciting detail – restlesness for a discovery that can be felt in the air.

As we know, the musicians tend to reflect moods, create an abstract emotional setting, which works best either for improvement of digestion, better results at the gym, in a candle illuminated room or... in kind of National Geographic media releases.

Music band HELI OOM prefers to sound as „natural philosophers“ and wake up the longing for unseen, mysterious and distant.


Titas Petrikis – composer, writing music for films, currently engaged in PhD studies at Bournemouth Screen Academy, published 6 music albums. Enthusiastic about movie making. Between sound recording sessions usually is seen with… ball or ping-pong racket in his hands.

Darius Gylys – guitarist, composer, playing since 1988, always interested in underground and experiments. Owns a guitar school, in spare time is creating original methodology about music and… writing movie scripts.

Egle Vakarinaite - received classical and jazz training in vocal performance. Egle performs with various jazz bands in Lithuania and Europe. She is featured in Heli Oom song Swingers (Like Others Do) .

HELI OOM about themselves

Put together, we’ve been vibrating the air with sound for over 40 years. It was until 2010, when we decided to try helium (named after the Sun) – pure gas, which is used to fill the festival balloons and makes a funny voice if breathed in. More than that: along with hydrogen, helium is like the stem cells of the Universe, other elements are “boiled” from it.

Circus and observatory, comic sketch and epos, blink of an eye and eternity – these are just a few viewpoints to the rounded goddess Heli Oom.

The music was mixed by Max Carola at Maxsound Music (www.maxsound.it), Italy.

Swingers (Like Others Do) by helioom

Primo by helioom