Hot Dog - a short story by Allan van O.T. Andersen

2009 / 03 / 19

Hot Dog is a short film about young man Adam, who is given an extra chance to change his destiny. Adam is late for his girlfriend's birthday dinner and that spoils his relationship with her. On his way into the lonely city, God arrives as a salesman of hot dogs. He gives Adam three wishes, but in return the young man has to eat three hot dogs. Will he escape his destiny and be able to return his girlfriend back? The film is directed by Allan van O.T. Andersen (a Danish filmmaker, currently living in Vilnius, Lithuania). Titas composed the music, which was produced by Tadas Sileika.
"When Tadas heard the music in a computer version, he insisted we should definitely go for a live recording. I said we were really short in time with post-production and probably barely could plan the live recording. But I was amazed how promptly Tadas managed to gather all these musicians, find a place to record and get the process going", says Titas. There were 10 musicians playing at the recording session.

Edita Mikantavičiūtė - flute
Laurynas Duoba - oboe
Tadas Šileika - clarinet
Jurgita Staniulytė - french horn
Mantvydas Baltrukėnas - bassoon
Inga Usienė - violin I
Diana Labudienė - violin II
Lina Sutkienė - viola
Liubov Orlova - cello
Edvardas Jurgaitis - double bass

Hot Dog's first screening is in Kino Pavasaris (Vilnius International Film Festival), with the following show times:

27 March 09 18:00 "Forum Cinemas Vingis" Hall 3
30 March 09 16:00 "Forum Cinemas Vingis" Hall 3


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