Impressions from Multimedia Travel to Baltics with Titas!

2005 / 12 / 02

Titas' first international performance took place in Dortmund, Germany on 29th November, 2005! thanks to Erich-Brost-Institute for help to organize performance and German hospitality. "Multimedia Travel to Baltics with Titas Petrikis" was loved by audience. Check impressions and pictures!


TitasMusic: How do you feel after the concert in Germany?

Titas: I feel like I left a piece of my heart and love in Dortmund. It is not only the performance, but also the wonderful people I met in Germany.

TitasMusic: What impressed you in Germany?

Titas: To be honest, I had not much chance to visit Germany before, although I was travelling around it quite often. Therefore it was my first real experience in this country. I am happy that my first international solo concert appeared exactly in Germany, because the audience was really supportive and I have experienced fantastic moments.

TitasMusic: Were your expectations fulfilled?

Titas: Absolutely yes! First of all, I was impressed by very friendly welcome of the Erich Brost Institute staff. Secondly, I met so many people, who were willing just to spend their personal time to help this event to happen. Thirdly, I was really impressed by the abundance of the audience during the performance…

TitasMusic: What was special about the concert in Germany?

Titas: Well, definitely it is my first solo concert internationally. Therefore I am sure that Germany will always be a special country for me since now… I hope to return with my future performances…

TitasMusic: How was Lithuanian Multimedia Culture presented at Erich-Brost-Institute?

Titas: It was decided to make two parts in order to present the Baltic countries in the best way. In the first part there was a well-known Lithuanian film “Flight over Lithuania”. In the second, major part, we thought to show some contemporary Lithuanian art, which is tightly related to Multimedia. I am really honoured, that they invited me to represent the Lithuanian electronic music and audiovisual artists in this event with particular Programme.


Nazar Saeed, Dortmund (Germany)

Normally, when i listen to this kind of music, I relax and let the music leads my thoughts, but what's differently in Titas music, that through the compination between music and visualisation, which put you into situation, as if you would booked a relaxation-travel, in which the composer is your travel guide, who leads and seduces you by pictures and music, integrity in Titas new album strengthens this impresion in me.

Jens Radü, Dortmund (Germany)

Titas led the audience into his world that is full of sound - he is an ambitious musician with a sense for details and purism. His landscapes of samples and acoustic stimuli conveyed an unusual view of the Baltics. The naivety of his video-installation though contrasted with the acoustic impressions - there is still a long way to go for him. But every step will be a development to his way of art.

Antonio Surce, Dortmund (Germany)

The great trip of Multimedia transported to us to different and very beautiful landscapes through pictures and an excellent music. The great artist Titas Petrikis offered a very rewarding experience for us, because it was possible to known other cultures through vision a little more complex and creative in all the senses.