The Liars (Directed by Marius Kunigėnas) – Romantic Comedy about a Lithuanian family during Christmas

2018 / 10 / 03

The Liars (directed by Marius Kunigėnas) is a comedy about a Lithuanian family and its relationships. Those usual loves&hates become especially strong around Christmas, when all family members come together for the magic Christmas Eve. However, what seems to be joyful on surface (backed up with Romantic French-style music) becomes an unsolvable puzzle of relationship for the main character Marius. He has to tell his brother he is in love with his wife (he...his... his...). Whose wife you might ask? Exactly, it is a complicated situation, but romantic and inspiring to become brave enough to overcome unpleasant challenges.

The original story of Rytis Zemkauskas takes you to the Christmas table of a typical family, while the beauty of DOP Rolandas Leonavičius leaves you a good impression of the interiors and life style of suburban Lithuanians. The film invites to experience the story with the wonderful Lithuanian actors in vogue (Dainius Kazlauskas, Giedrius Savickas, Edita Užaitė, Brigita Arsobaitė, Liubomiras Laucevičius, Larisa Kalpokaitė, Gediminas Girdvainis, and others).

Here is a short video of the film soundtrack with appreciation to the wonderful music team, who managed to go through this intense 4 week process in smooth ride.

The music team


Titas Petrikis


Recording Engineers

Arūnas Zujus

Adas Gecevičius



Ignas Daniulis

Jevgenija Budzila

Miglė Dikšaitienė

Nadia Ochrimenko – Gaile

Dalia Tamošiūnienė

Dominykas Vyšniauskas

Jonas Kunčius

Paulius Gefenas

Paulius Vaškas

Simonas Šipavičius


Music Mixing and Mastering

Arūnas Zujus

More information about the film

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