London Film School Workshops: an Opportunity to Broaden Your Experience

2010 / 07 / 12

London Film School (LFS) has been established more than 50 years ago. Its philosophy is to give film students the skills which they will need most in their professional lives. LFS national and global recognition speaks for itself as the school became a shelter for the students from more than 80 countries. Being a private school it has a strong sense of what industry professionals really need to know to do a good job in film making business. 

Titas attended two workshops about filmmaking and working with actors in June and July. Paul Cronin gave a 3-day workshop about Alexander Mackendrick teaching and analysis of filmmaking. Sean McCann gave a 5-day practical workshop on how to work with actors. inquired why a film composer needs workshops in film making, especially in improvising with actors?
Titas replied that a composer’s nature is usually to think of music structure and use musical story telling tools in their work, including film score. Naturally, composer brings this skill to film, and this sometimes can become dangerous, because music may become intrusive. Successful film composers immerse in film’s structure and deliver a soundtrack to the needs of the film rather than subordinate to the music rules (usually classical music tradition). This is probably the answer why some film soundtracks would make no sense if they are released on CD as musical pieces, because they carry no meaning by themselves. However there is nothing wrong with such film music. On the contrary, it may be the only solution for a particular film.

Titas added, that workshops in LFS are inspiring, because they give an insight of how all the film elements come together to make an art piece work. Film composers usually work in the post-production phase. “I was excited to work with actors and try what is to be an actor myself during the week at Sean’s workshop. It gave an extraordinary experience not only about acting, but also how to be more improvising in your own work. It challenges your brain conceptually”, Titas noted.
Titas admitted LFS workshops appear to be the best solutions for those who can not take full or part time studies at universities, but need refreshment of their skills. Everyone will find something interesting during those few intensive days. Since most of the LFS workshops are from one to five days long, it is possible to make room for them in our busy professional lives.


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