Men and women drama in the play 'Jean and Beatrice'

2007 / 03 / 15

Kaunas Chamber Theater presented the opening play Jean and Beatrice on the March 14, 2007. The play was directed by Stanislovas Rubinovas, music composed by Titas Petrikis.

At you will find the soundtrack of the play (free to download, but see our terms) and photo gallery from the play. There is also additional information about the play and the interview with the director S.Rubinovas (it is in the Lithuanian language, please refer at LT.

The play Jean and Beatrice is full of painful true-life topics. A lonely man and lady want to love and be loved, but they do not manage to understand, feel and love the close by person. „In a lot of situations we can recognize ourselves. Maybe we will do less mistakes after we see the play“– said Titas.

Stanislovas Rubinovas, the Director of the play, talked about what problems men and women face. A lady is like a princess who is waiting for a prince. The prince is the saviour, who will wake her up and help her to forget the things which are painful to think about. As for the man, it is very hard to loose his sovereignty and commit to a relationship.

„It is important for the music to be a part of the play. We are happy that we discovered Titas. He has a lot. He understands and feels the play. Besides, Titas works technically very well and fast” - said S. Rubinovas.

Jean and Beatrice is Titas' second project for the theater. In 2003 he composed music for the play of the Municipality Theater of Jonava The Song about Danube (written by Kaj Nissen). The play was also performed in Denmark and received warm remarks.