Music for Shepherd the Murderer

2015 / 09 / 19


A short musical Shepherd the Murderer was presented at the new short musicals festival MfEsT on September 18. The storyline of the play evolves around recent historical and political topics as well as a clash of human values. The dramatic and expressive performance of the main actors was supported by the choir that contributed by adding extra energy to the play.

Short musicals is a relatively new and undiscovered genre for Lithuanian audience. According to the organizers of the festival, the impetus for making this event was a lack of music theatre plays in Lithuanian music scene. Six short musicals were presented on a single night, each of which was produced by a separate creative group and lasted approximately 20 minutes.

Libretto: Herkus Kunčius

Composer: Titas Petrikis

Director: Albertas Vildžiūnas

Performers: Vaidas Bartušas

                    Darius Auželis

                    Justina Kaminskaitė

                    Gintarė Šmigelskytė



Article about the festival