Music for the Theatre Performance "Three Tall Women"

2015 / 09 / 26


A theatre play written by Edward Albee was acclaimed by the critics and received Pulitzer prize after being praised as intensely emotional and provocative piece. It is a passionate story about human life from childhood till death depicted by the lives of three women of different generations.   

The theatre performance based on this play was premiered in Jonava Theatre on September 25. It raises some of the most important existential considerations that most people face -  the meaning of life and the absence of happiness.


Director: Jonas Andriulevičius

Artist: Edita Januškevičienė

Composer: Titas Petrikis

Actors: Dalia Paulauskienė

            Vaiva Andriulevičienė

            Kristina Jaskūnienė

            Kasparas Andriulevičius

            Radvilė Jaskūnaitė



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