Name in the Dark (dir. Agne Marcinkeviciute)

2014 / 09 / 14
Name in the Dark Official Poster

The story takes us to a small town in Lithuania back in 1995. Life is quiet here. But one day, a mysterious incident changes the everyday routine, when a teenage girl is found murdered at a local hotel. The town is shocked by the incident, but the hardest work goes to the melancholic Investigator in the local police department. The suspect in the murder is her former music teacher, who was also her lover back in the school times. While the Investigator is working on this mysterious crime, her memories bring her back to the days of their dramatically finished relationship. Just when the case seems to be revealed, the chief of the department warns her: "Don't disclose a crime too early, you may never know what the answer is bringing to you".
"Name in The Dark" is a detective film based on bestseller by Lithuanian writer Renata Serelytė.


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