New Film and Game Music Trends discussed in Composer Expo 2008

2008 / 10 / 01

For the third year Film Music Magazine presents an exclusive national conference for film composers. The event sums up the trends in film and game music industry. The panel presentations made by established composers discussed interesting topics: the art and craft of composing for indie films, composer business issues, music libraries and digital distribution of music, and many others..

Most of the speakers agreed that digital age brings new opportunities and challenges for composer. New technology helps to ease the process of composing, nevertheless music performed and recorded by real musicians has better quality in it. The directors and producers seldom feel the difference between real performance and computer generated sound. Part of the composer's job is to communicate the importance of live sound.

There is another big challenge that composer's work is depreciated in the industry. Film productions more often allow to have 'no budget' for film music. Despite this norm, filmmakers expect the composer to come up with good music result (using computer based technology). Usually all this is anticipated to be done for free for the 'goodness of future projects'. The panel speakers addressed this issue and came up with some recommendations how to avoid this negative trend in the industry.

Titas attended the Composers' Expo Event in Los Angeles (September 27) and told his impressions about the event: "It was wonderful to meet almost a hundred people who do the same job as I do. It was also very interesting to hear that film music people face similar challenges around the globe. We all deal with strict deadlines, with various people who have different music taste and approve our scores... Also, the budgets is a usual problem for small productions".

The good news is that finally a non-profit international organization for composers is established. The International Alliance of Composers (IAC) seeks to defend the rights of composers' music and represent all their legal needs.


International Alliance of Composers