Powerful Music for the HSBC

2007 / 04 / 23

Titas has recently finished one of the largest projects in 2007.

"I was excited to do a project of such a scale. The responsibility was probably the main challenge to deal with. I was sure I can deliver what the project needs, the only concern was to make it at the required quality level. I would say even more - pass beyond customer's expectations... I am happy to hear that they love my music. That is a pleasant recognition" - says Titas.

Tim Clague, film Director from Marton House commissioned Titas to create music for their project Platform. It is a training program for the HSBC office in the United Kingdom. The project for HSBC required original score, which would be, as Tim described, "powerful, personal, exciting and warm music. The theme must be strong and determined, but not too dramatic".

Tim Clague is head of the ProjectPlatform. Tim is nominated by BAFTA for his short film Eight(1998), in addition he runs his own company Projector Films - new ideas for film maker. Tim has done several films, participated in various festivals.

The project Platform needed live instruments to be recorded. The entire mastering had to be done by the best professionals available. Therefore Titas invited the following artists to join the project and collaborate in the recordings and mastering:

Edita Narmontiene - the first violin (concertmeister) at the Lithuanian National Television Orchestra. Edita also performs in Retro Music Chamber Orchestra.

Natalija Polukord - student at the Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy. She plays violin for over 11 years. Natalija is a member of three chamber music orchestras. Besides violin, she also studies organ music.

Arturas Pugaciauskas ­- Mastering Engineer. Arturas has received Bravonomination in the area of Best Producer in 2004. Bravo nominations are most prestigious Lithuanian awards in music. Arturas received it for the best sound in the film White Marks in Blue(2004). This film also won an award for sound in short film festival Clermont-Ferrand (France).


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