"Purging" (dir. John Jurašas) Kaunas Drama Theatre

2011 / 10 / 10
"Purging" (dir. John Jurašas) Kaunas Drama Theatre

Kaunas State Drama Theatre this season with yet another premiere. According to Sofi Oksanen's Purge of "Aida Krilavičienė translated from Finnish and Dawn Marie Sluckaitės dramaturgical redacted play" Purging "invites the audience to look at our history alive, interlaced with the present. Although the play is displayed on the Estonian nation's historical events after the Second World War, many will recognize Lithuanians and painful experiences, but they reveal a deep similarity of policies pursued by the Soviet Union in the tragedy.

"Cleansing and present intertwine postwar events that encompassed his main strands Pieces actor Alydės Tru life. Guilt and dirty conscience for many years like acid bothering her from the inside. Everything changes when one day they knock the door suddenly alive past betrayals reproach - from Siberia returned exiled sister's granddaughter Zara.

This, tight structure and the plot, the play perfectly conveys the concept of evil, which is nowadays the "new Russian" in the background a little different from the then NKVD methods. A lifetime spent kaltėje Alydė Tru has the ability to ease the burden of conscience. The question is whether it will be enough courage to confront evil and firmly decide to go the other way.

After the rehearsal director said that this show is like polyphony - all actors lines are independent, but they went out together form a whole.

The bottom of the page there are a few excerpts from the play to music. Almost two hours-long performance is created 80 minutes of music and different sounds, conveying the mood of the story and atmosphere.

More information online: Kaunas State Drama Theatre website