Reflecting on a Thought-Provoking Discussion in Graz, Austria

2023 / 11 / 19

Last week, I had the privilege of leading a presentation in Graz, Austria, titled "The Rules of No Rules: Challenges in Negotiating with Non-Democratic Regimes." The focus was on the complex and often unsettling realities of military conflicts close to home – the Ukraine War and the Israel-Palestine conflict.
What struck me most was the engagement and concern of the young Austrian audience. It's a poignant reminder of how global events, even those seemingly distant, impact us all, shaping our perspectives and responsibilities as global citizens.
We delved into maintaining our cherished liberal and democratic values in the face of adversaries who may not play by the same rules. Our dialogue spanned from geopolitical strategies to personal responsibilities, highlighting the urgent need for our democratic governments to be more accountable and responsive to these global events.
As we grapple with these challenges, it's crucial to remember the value and strength of our societies. Our discussions underscored the importance of being better citizens – informed, engaged, and proactive in defending the freedoms we often take for granted.
This is a call to appreciate and protect our democratic values more than ever. As citizens, we have both the power and responsibility to contribute to positive change, both locally and globally.
Let's keep this conversation going. How do you think we can encourage our governments to be more responsive to global conflicts? What steps can we, as individuals, take to protect and promote democratic values in our communities?