Single Valentine (Lith. Valentinas vienas), about the relationships of four couples on the Valentine's Day

2013 / 02 / 25

The film about four couples who meet to spend together Valentine's Day. The characters come from various backgrounds - one couple meets for one-night stand; the ex-lovers are trying to find former passion; the married couple need to refresh their feelings; two best friends attempt to cross the line to become lovers. Each couple experiences certain difficulties that put them in funny or even absurd circumstances. The characters are connected in one or another way by a single doctor Valentine, who desperately looks for love on this special night. The couples go through their exceptional nights, while Valentine manages to unite with someone from his 'rich' past.

The film features a list of the Lithuanian popular songs that drive the narrative and give organic features to the characters of the film. Film music editing was done by Donatas Ulvydas and Titas Petrikis. Additional music for the film was composed by Titas Petrikis and Andrius Mamontovas.


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