Student Film Wins First Prize!

2010 / 01 / 15

Saulius Lukosevicius, a graduate in cinematography at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, wins the first place with his short documentary film Get Trauma at "DailyFilm.TV DSLR".

The film is about the Lithuanian kite surfing club "Next Level" and its members. Saulius admits, the film is not just about kiting, but more about young people who have a strong passion in the sport, they love entertainment and competition.

The festival " DSLR" is organized in the United States. The competition is among the filmmakers who use Nikon D90, Canon EOS 5D Mark II", Panasonic DMC-GH1 and other cameras in their films.

Saulius admits it is pleasant to win as it does not happen very often.

Titas composed original music for this documentary.
The music was mixed by Max Carola at Maxsound Music, Italy.


More information about Max Carola

"Get Trauma" v.1.0 winner of DSLR short film contest from Saulius Lukosevicius on Vimeo.