The Summer ends, a New Season starts

2008 / 08 / 26

The Lithuanian televisions start autumn by announcing new shows and programs. The filmmakers are busy with either shooting the films or developing new stories. It looks like everybody is busy and working. But where is FUN? The fun is around the corner, I would say. It is fun when today is somehow different from yesterday. When I learn the new things which make me to remember a particular day - this is an interesting life!

Tadas Sileika (Vilnius Orchestral Music Fans) invited me to the opening of their new orchestra season. Each orchestra player makes a stop in their casual jobs and comes to the beautiful nature camp near the lakes of Trakai. The camp, located in Daugirdiskes, usually attracts wedding parties, but last week (Aug 18-21) the sound of orchestral music was well heard in the vicinities. The Vilnius Orchestral Music Fans gathered to have a good time together: playing music or basketball.

It was to the very last day of the camp when I realised I want to try an instrument I have never played before. I asked a French horn player if it is difficult to play the horn. Well, being a pianist and having little experience with the brass, i thought it is going to be a disaster. Quite on the contrary! My practice at 8 o'clock in the morning proved, that my playing skills were good enough to wake up (literally) the entire orchestra! 'Who is making that noise!?", everybody was asking. But that is FUN! This is what it makes a usual summer day to be remembered. I really enjoyed having this instrument in my hands, after so many times of hearing it in the concerts or my studio...

Let us look for FUN all the time!