Titas composes for the Lithuanian Film Festival 'Cinema Spring' (Kino Pavasaris) 2007

2007 / 04 / 02

Titas has composed the soundtrack for theCinema Spring opening clip. This clip is shown before every film and has become a symbol ofCinema Spring. This project was done in collaboration with Freaky Production Housecompany.

Watch the clip(36sec/2,2MB,kp.wmv)

For eleven years, the Lithuanian International Film Festival Cinema Springpresents world wide known and mostly awarded non commercial films. It is not often, the cinema admirers have an opportunity to see artistic evaluated non commercial pictures. Cinema Spring film program includes movies that have been selected from the best film festivals from all over the world (Cannes, San Sebastian, Venice, Toronto, Locarno etc.).

In collaboration with the professional image makers and public relation companies Cinema Spring has already defined its good name between local press, viewers and partners. Good reputation and the established status helps the Festival to improve itself every year and introduce more and more various exclusive projects. The Festival also grows in terms of attending audience. Only this year, the Festival attracted more than thirty four thousand people so far.

Each time the Festival organizers work hard and cooperate with different embassies, world wide film festivals, film production companies in order to expand the opportunities of Cinema Spring Festival.


Official website of 'Cinema Spring' (Kino Pavasaris)

Official website of the company 'Freaky Production House'