Titas is lively performing with Kimo Arbas!

2005 / 08 / 25

Titas and Kimo Arbas present a new project again! They are participating in 9th edition of the yearly independent neofolk, darkwave and modern Baltic culture festival MENUO JUODARAGIS 2005, August 26-28 by Kernave town.

Kimo Arbas, an American musician made the major part of the voices for Titas album "Identity". This was their first project.

In this festival, Kimo presents experimental darkwave compositions. Lately a frequent visitor of Lithuania, Kimo has already made his name with a few different projects, made some records and played some gigs with both well-known and underground bands. According to historic records, THE FUNGAL KINGDOM was the first project from abroad included in Menuo Juodaragis programme in Sudeikiai (2001).

This year Fungal Kingdom's guest member is Titas. The project unites the archaic Baltic culture (performed by Kimo voices and electronic music) and futuristic electronic/computer music and sounds (performed by Titas). Check out for more information about Fungal Kingdom at: 

The performance takes place on Saturday, August 27, at 6:40 PM. More details are at: http://www.mjr.lt/htm/eng.htm