Titas recoded music with the German Film Orchestra Babelsberg

2007 / 02 / 09

Titas recorded his music with the German Film Orchestra Babelsberg (Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg). It is the only Professional orchestra for film music in Germany.

German Film Orchestra Babelsberg records 40-50 Sound tracks for the films each year. German Tenors ('Das ist ein Tag'), Celine Dion ('A New Day has come'), Rosenstolz ('Macht Liebe', 'Reise, reise') worked with this Orchestra too.

Impressions from recordings:

Conductor Gruenther Jossik was all the time playing jokes with the Orchestra musicians. With every emotion and movement of the film scenes he managed to organize Orchestra in the way that it would sound nicely.

Anja Baeuse, Sound engineer

„It was very special to work with three composers. They could learn a lot of things about the Orchestra. I think that the level of the composers is very high.“

Tom Stoewer, Film Composer

„It is very interesting to have three composers with different experience. Today all of them for the first time with a big Orchestra. They got a lot of practical education, which is very important for the Film music business. They had a great chance to hear how their music sounds live“.

Photos from the German Film Orchestra Babelsberg recording studio: