Titas’ wishes for the next year!

2005 / 12 / 27

TitasMusic.com wishes you merry Christmas and happy New Year! To this special event we asked Titas to tell his secret wishes and his plans for the 2006.

TitasMusic: How was winter in Bournemouth, UK?

Titas: Well, the weather in Bournemouth is usually rainy and cold in winter time. Since the town is located by the sea, it is also very windy. But from the perspective of creativity, it was very productive and very “hot” time...

TitasMusic: Were 2005 good for you?

Titas: 2005 was a very creative year. It can be considered as international year: the album “Identity” was published in Rome, studies for film music started in Bournemouth, and first international solo performance in Dortmund was arranged.

TitasMusic: What plans you have for the next year?

Titas: The next year should be even more productive in various music projects for films. Also, if everything goes fine, we should have more new performances internationally.

TitasMusic: What would you wish for yourself in 2006?

Titas: Blessing to accomplish all those plans.

TitasMusic: Your wish to your audience...

Titas: Most successful New Year!