Wave Line Studio welcomes the Score Competition finalists

2007 / 02 / 10

Three finalists of the Volkswagen Score Competition started their work at the Wave-line Studio in Berlin. Wave Line Studio works with digital media, film production, on-line mastering and DVD production. It is one of the best-equipped studios. Matthias Behrens, General Manager of the Wave Line Studio, is very happy to have the three finalists at his studio. “For each project we try to find the best specialists and get the best teams together for the best results” – M. Behrens.

Titas Petrikis has been working with film composer and sound designer Christoph Oertel. He has been spending hours with Titas discussing technical and artistic details and making final decisions about the sound of the music. „I am in love with Titas’ music,“- Chistoph mentioned. He works with great passion and enthusiasm. The engineer is doing his best to make the music sound as good as possible. 

On Monday all three composers will start to work with the Munich sound mixer, Ulrich Breimesser. Ulrich mixed the sound for the Film 'Our Man in Nirvana'. This film won the 'Silver Bear' at the International Berlin Film Festival 2006, the 'Goldener Reiter' at the Dresden film festival and the 'ANIWOW' award in Beijing, China. Ulrich Breimesser will mix the sound and prepare it for the final presentation at the cinema. The final mixing will be done at the Film & Television Academy (HFF) 'Konrad Wolf'. It is the only art academy in the state of Brandenburg and the oldest and largest of the five media academies in Germany.


Official website of Christoph Oertel

Link to the Website of the movie „Our Man in Nirvana“